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Manufacturers Council

Licking County Chamber of Commerce Manufacturer’s Council Executive Committee (MCEC)


The Manufacturers Council Executive Committee meetings are held once each month on a rotating basis at member sites. Members volunteer to host meetings via the annual meeting schedule assembled by the Chamber.


Manufacturers Council Executive Committee Membership


Membership in the Committee is open to all County Chamber members engaged in manufacturing and are members of the Chamber. The annual Membership fee for the MCEC is $50.00. The Chair of the Committee will be appointed from the Committee membership by the President of the Chamber.


Goal of the MCEC

Advocate   for   local   manufacturers   and   encourage   local,   state,   and   national government action that is “business friendly” to manufacturing.


Objectives of the MCEC


  • Discuss and share industry-related issues and useful information with members about manufacturers in Licking County.
  • In concert with the Chamber, share information on manufacturers’ capabilities and promote economic development initiatives to help County manufacturers grow.
  • Become  a  source  of  information  about  community  programs  that  can  benefit manufacturers.
  • In concert with the Chamber, monitor and respond to local, state and national initiatives that could impact our manufacturers.

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